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    How do I recover my PayPal Account

    Paypal is such an application that is mostly preferred by merchants to save and earn money. It has been very helpful to maintain records of transactions online. And being an application related to transactions, it requires a unique username and password. But, in case you happen to have forgotten your Paypal account password then you shall not panic. All you can do is to follow the steps stated below in case you do not know how to proceed.

    Steps to Get Back a PayPal Account Password

    Land on any preferred web browser and head over to the Paypal account from the search bar of the web browser.

    Then enter the username that you want to get back in the sign-in page and tap

    From the password box, tap on the option of “Forgot Password?” such that you are taken to the Paypal recovery page.

    When you land on a new screen with the Paypal recovery page, you will be asked to choose any one recovery option. And if you chose recovery with alternate email, then check the email linked to the account.

    Then tap the “Send Email” option such that you are sent a Paypal change password or reset password link. Open the link and check for the verification code and enter the same on the Paypal page.

    Tap “next”. And then you will be allowed to create a new password only after checking the verification code.

    Make sure that this time you create a strong but easy to memorize password and tap “next”.

    In the second box, enter the password once again and tap “OK” to confirm.

    So, with the help of the above steps, you can get back the access to your lost PayPal account. And if you do not have linked alternate email, then you can choose to answer security questions.

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