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    I have just started using raceQs. I downloaded the app for my iPhone. I have run it 3 times so far to get a hang of it before the racing season starts. Only one record has uploaded to the website even thought the app says the uploads were completed 100%. Any ideas?

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    I’m having similar trouble. I recorded my first track tonight and it reports it as uploaded in the phone app (Android vers a3.1.51) but does not show up on the web site. Tried emailing the track to myself and uploading on the site manually but it complains that the file format is unsupported — it’s the CSV file that was sent, I did no editing to it.

    Not sure what to make of this.


    I’m having this same exact problem too. I have 42 race tracks that are all successfully showing on the website. But my 43rd race track showing on the phone app will not upload or allow itself to be emailed to try a manual upload to My Journal on the website.


    Hm? i have the same Problems..

    The last track from October 15th can not be uploaded.

    And the work around over download the track File and upload via computer does not work too


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