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    Thanks for your post. But, I’m not having any luck.

    My PC is running Windows 8. I installed Firefox ESR (32 bit version). I think(?) I’ve successfully installed a VLC plug-in. I restarted Firefox but, I’m not getting anywhere with your procedure item: “After installing these two and restarting….”.

    Can you do a screen print of what your screen looks like when it’s running Geovids using your method.

    NOTE: A YouTube ‘how to’ would be great. I suspect a lot of us would appreciate it.


    Great forum. I followed instructions on Firefox. Still no videos. Turned out they were in the wrong folder. Finally got it working.


    Well. I saw the videos listed. Then no video window. I reread instructions and this video played.

    After installing these two and restarting your browser you should be able to play a local file in ‘windowed mode’ using the fbvlc test page at: http://rsatom.github.io/fbvlc/

    Still I do not see a video window pop up like before.



    ps I have restarted the computer after each step


    I attempted to rewatch and you must reactivate the video player and set to always play.


    glad to hear it is still working. I haven’t used it since I posted the tutorial above. I think my laptop is a bit too slow/laggy for the performance to be acceptable.


    The only problem with the revised Firefox browser is the satellite image of earth does not fill in. On Chrome it is fine but not video support

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