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    Please put me on your list of Beta Testers for the Geo Video Fusion (GeoVids) feature when you are ready to test with the Apple Macintosh computer platform.

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    Thank you for your interest in raceQs. We are currently working on a Mac platform and we expect to have it completed by mid-September. We’ll let you know when we have it available.


    When I go to Geovids instructions, it shows a Mac raceQs GeoVids™ plug-in – so we Mac users can now proceed to experiment using that? (Mac OSX 10.9.2). If so, would be worth updating the statement lower in the page that says:

    Will this work on my iPad or my Mac? – The beta version of this software only works on Windows based computers. It doesn’t work on tablets, phones, or Mac computers.


    so in essence this is a folder share like dropbox, or google drive, etc. you just sync it up and then plug in the video in the journal or timeline/race. Just loaded my race video from yesterday and we will see what happens. more surrounding video shots and commentary but should be cool to watch.

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