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    Betting online lottery today is an inevitable trend when it is too pure, convenient to save a lot for players, Not only that, the winning rate is higher than traditional lottery so players gradually move out to play online lottery. Along with that, there are a lot of online lottery houses sprouting like mushrooms after the rain makes players wonder whether to choose a reputable online lottery house to play is a question that is posed to a large number of people.

    Where is the most prestigious online lottery house today

    1. The first to mention that is WIN2888

    WIN2888 can be said to be the oldest house among the lottery dealers – however it is no longer popular here when WIN2888

    WIN2888 applies an unreasonable policy of “Increasing price” – ie when reports are widely played, win2888 plays a trick to improve prices – reducing the rate of players, Therefore, when raising lots of threads on win2888 You have to consider this. This makes the pay rate on win2888 never be 99.5 as PR.

    WIN2888 is very poor in technology – it is currently very difficult to play online lottery on phones

    Can’t cancel once you’ve hit 3!

    Deposit and withdrawal of about 10 ′, during peak hours can be up to 30 ′ – Review 7/10

    Online lottery on win2888 does not play sliding lottery.

    2. The second is Lixi88 – good technique – generous promotion

    Lixi88 has emerged in recent years as a reputable house with many attractive promotions that attract a lot of players.

    The lottery odds on lixi88 are 1 for 99k, 3D for 1 for 972.5, 2 for 1 for 17, 3 for 1 for 69, 4 for 1 for 200. This is the best current rate

    Very fast and fast – playing on your phone is so convenient, even your own app.

    Not less promotion as 88k money donation, 100% bonus or lottery winning car …. And pay back 1% winnings

    Play the lottery or play the lottery as you like

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    3. Tuesday is Loto188 – the largest lottery network in Southeast Asia

    Loto188 is worthy of being the largest lottery network in Southeast Asia – Loto188 is the most popular house of players in Vietnam today.

    Loto188 is a licensed and protected Philippines bookmaker, overseen by Gaming Associates.

    Great experience while playing on both computer and mobile, simple operation easy to understand and clear.

    The ratio of eating when playing lottery lottery on Loto188 is the best rate of eating on the market today with two Ds being 1 to 99, 3D being 972.3 and 4D being 9000…

    quite diverse promotions on holidays or 100% bonus on the first load….

    Quick deposit and withdrawal – even at peak times – within 5 minutes.

    You can bet and cancel whenever you want (of course, when you have not dialed yet ^^)


    On the market today there are quite a variety of online lottery houses, but currently the best is the 3 bookmakers I mentioned above are rated as Prestige Online Lottery Houses. In which the most worth playing is one of the two Lixi88 and Loto188 bookies when supporting the best players – the operation on the phone is extremely convenient in parallel with many attractive promotion items without improving prices and canceling bets whenever. Please consider and select your own suitable dealer to play


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