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    Hi there, tried it out for our first run last night:

    1. Pinged both ends of line, watch still said “No Line” (or something like that). Not sure what that’s all about and didnt have time in countdown to figure it out.
    2. Timer froze @ 0:09s, an hour and a half later after race it was still there at 9 seconds.
    3. I totally dug having my wrist vibrate on countdown, a very nice feature. Request if possible to add a bit more info to the vibe? Dont know if you can control it, but having it buzz 4 times @ 4 minutes, 3 @ 3 minutes etc… then 3 @ 30 sec, 2 @ 20 sec, 1 @ 10 sec then once per second from 0:05 down?
    4. Since it crashed we didnt get to try nav.
    5. Looking forward to playing around during a practice session to see more

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