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    First thanks a lot for this great apps and website ! Also good podcast !

    Here is a suggestion for a new feature in the phone app :

    I know you can delay the upload until you get to a wifi if you don’t want to use phone data, but i would be useful to have a way to store the data in the phone and have a screen to manage them and choose when to upload. That way you can record multiple regatta before deciding to upload them.

    Platform : android
    Phone : Nexus 5
    Version : a2.10

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    you can save the tracks w/o uploading it. There is no app interface but you can upload them manually buy following this instructions. Keep in mind the tracks will be automatically deleted in two months from your phone, so they don’t take too much space.

    iPhone app
    – Connect the phone to the computer and launch the iTunes.
    – Use the file sharing to copy raceQs app files (all of them) into a folder on your computer. Click here to see how to do it http://support.apple.com/kb/ht4094
    – Save the log files to your computer and upload them to your journal manually.

    Android app
    – Connect the phone to the computer and make sure you can see the files on the phone.
    – Go to the folder located at Device Storage (or SD Memory Card) -> Android -> Data -> com.gsapps.raceqs-> Files
    – locate the tracks files and upload them to your journal manually.


    Thanks a lot !

    I will do that for now but i hope it will be possible to manage those files from the app at some point :)


    We are using the app both in local and offshore races. Once network signal goes patchy, the live streaming produces a jerky, interpolated jump from point to point, with implausible speeds and courses and discontinuities in the track. I had hoped that the APP would upload track “arrears” when it got signal rather than simply “joining the dots”. I don’t understand why this shouldn’t be possible if the whole track data is stored in the phone. Is this something that the developers could patch??


    Great App folks, thanks for that! While sailing and recording, we see our position on the map. But after stopping the recording and upload the track file, there is no option to view the sailed track on the phone again (replay of the recorded data) ? I try to convince other sailors to use RaceQs next season for the regatta’s of our sailing club, and because of the fact that we always have the phone in our pocket, it would-be handy to show a recorded track to others!


    This is a very common request. The replay on mobile devices will be available early next season. the problem is that Google Earth plug-in (raceQs’ 3D engine does not support the mobile devices) so we had to go 2D.


    iPhone app now can:

    – save the track w/o upload

    – upload it later

    – replay it right on the phone

    Android update coming soon

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