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    Recorded a full day at sea, with four races.

    How do I split the track into four tracks while re-using as much of the course marks as possible (as only some of the marks changes from race to race) ?

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    The recommended way is to not split the track, but rather setup multiple starts in the same regatta.


    I have a similar issue.

    I have in the same file 3 races and when setting up these 3 races  I got very confused with so many marks, start lines and finish lines.

    I would like to split the file in 3 other files.

    Is it possible?


    Even better would be if we could choose to only display the marks that are part of the current start.


    How can i assign a start to a section?

    Our boats in the fleet are recording a hole day at once. In a day we have up to 4 races with individual marks.
    I have made a section for each race, so i can send a deep-link for each race.

    Unfortunately, it does not automatically select the correct “Start” within the timerange of the section. (Now it always selects the first “Start” and therefore the wrong marks are shown)

    Or is there better way to split a racing day into single races with its corresponding marks? How can i send a link to one single race? ..showing the pre-start sequence and the Race


    I have the same issue as Ron. I would like to provide a link to the start of each race. Is there a tag for the URL that indicates which start to use?

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