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    Hi, I’m setting up marks for a race course using the latitude and longitude from my GPS. Although they are correct in the GPS, they appear in the replay quite far from where they should be on the map. is there a way to correct this? thanks!



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    Among hundreds of variations of GPS coordinates formats raceQs accepts three most common:

    Decimal Degrees: 37.8150090°, -122.3664920°  or N 37.8150090°, W 122.3664920°

    Decimal Minutes: 37°48.90054′, -122°21.98952′ or N 37°48.90054′,  W 122°21.98952′

    Decimal Seconds : 37°48’54.0324″, -122°21’59.3712″ or N 37°48’54.0324″, W 122°21’59.3712″


    Please use this website to convert your GPS coordinates to the standard format http://www.earthpoint.us/convert.aspx



    Thanks! I’ll give that a try.


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