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    Our fleet uses a set of government marks and special fixed marks for courses.  The lat lon for these is available in electronic form.  Is there a way to upload and save this list of marks (20-30) and then have them available for use in course set up?

    They also use courses from a set list of course using the marks described above.  There are one 100 of them so it would take some time to create them in RaceQs but it would only need to be done once.  Is there a way these could also be saved and used at any point in the future?



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    1. Please consider using “Import Marks from GPX file” function under “Create Mark” menu.

    You’ll need to import marks for each event separately, though. This is because some marks could change their location slightly due to current and wind. Thus, we need separate copies of marks for each day. And a “template” to create them from. We’ve decided against adding another notion and just use GPX files as templates.

    You may find http://www.gpsvisualizer.com useful to convert to GPX.


    2. There is no possibility to pre-define courses.

    We’ve decided that it is too hard to pre-define several dozens of courses and it is easy enough to define one on the fly.



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