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    Of course I like the exporting function of your app very much, but  I have one problem: it exports as a csv file.

    I can see what’s in it (time, coordinates, heading etc.) but I do not know how to display all the values as a track on for example google earth or google maps, so everyone can view my track on phone, tablet, whatever – everything that unfortunately cannot live play the track with the google earth plugin.

    How can I convert your csv file to a kml file for google earth or maps?

    Thanks a lot for help!


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    I have the same question. It would be great if the developers can export .gpx or .kml, the two most widely used formats for tracks.

    Gearing up for the Newport to Ensenada. Would love to know I’ll have this feature soon.




    GPS Visualizer can convert GPS files from practically any format to another




    I used http://www.gpsvisualizer.com like Paul White suggested. I had to rename my column headings (from lat to lattitude  and lon to longitude) and I had to remove the first row, which was some data like my boat name. Then the converted worked and I got the csv file into gpx.

    I’ll remember to run strava and raceqs at the same next time so i don’t have this problem.

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