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    The Boat Handling information given includes
    rQ index
    Avg. Heel
    Max. SOG, kn
    Tacks (Number of)
    While the boat handling data is useful, it doesn’t give you much useful data for self coaching or comparative data.
    It would be helpful to include some averages to give you some targets to aim for and see if you have improved and also compare your averages to your competitors, these include:
    Average Tacking/Gybing Angle
    Average Oversteering
    Average Min SOG
    Average Min VMG
    Average Duration
    Average Recovery
    Average Time Lost
    You could also colour code the tacks and gybes the same way the track colour indicates speed. So faster tacks would be red and slower ones purple.

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    I agree, and I don’t know why COG and or heading are not shown all the time… It’s what I’m more interested in.

    Great App btw. just getting started

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