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    The analytic is pretty good if the wind angle does not change too much through a leg. However it does not make it easy to tell what you did right/wrong during a good tack vs a bad tack.

    What would be really useful is to be able to chart all the data (BSP, VMG, Heel, SOG etc.) through each tack like you can see here: http://www.cupinfo.com/cupstats/cupstats-americas-cup-2013-tacking-09.php

    You could then look at your good tacks and see what you did right/wrong (turning too fast/slow, over steering, etc.)

    Alternately, is it possible to download the raw data so I can make such charts myself?

    While I’m feature requesting, I have the boat instrument NMEA data on bluetooth, so it would be even better if that could be recorded!

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    1. The chart you had requested is available in polar format. Just click on the dashboard analysis and play the tack slow mo or one click at the time. You can see the speed and wind angle in one chart. We believe this is way more superior display.

    2. The NMEA data capture and replay is in the pipeline and will be released by the end of the year.

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