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    As I was sailing through the course tonight, the watch kept pinging new marks, sometimes while going straight. It finally reached its capacity and stopped making new marks. This was the first race with the watch and app, and have used them twice previously, once on land, once on water, so I am quite new to them. Can the watch and phone share information? My replay shows the wind at 268 deg. when the watch was showing 35 deg. true. It may also help with marks, if they can be transferred that way. Also, I did not get any lay line alerts, ever. I have been finding my mistakes and correcting along the way, but I cannot seem to get lay line alerts. I am loving the app and the watch! Lots of useful info! Great job so far!

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    Also, how do I delete marks in the watch? It has 14 recorded, only shows 10. I cannot find any way of deleting marks once pinged.

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