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    Is there any plan to port the Pebble app over to the Apple Watch? It seems crazy, but I wear my apple all the time except sailing when I still break out my pebble just for raceq’s. There really isn’t any self contained, or doesn’t need the phone, Apple Watch app.

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    After the demise of Pebble, we thought long and hard before settling on Garmin  for the replacement platform. We considered the excellent Apple watch but finally opted for the Garmin because it runs with iPhone, Android and Windows, is considerably less expensive and has superior daylight readability.



    Will you build the apple watch platform sometime in the future?


    It’s not currently in the development plan.


    This will likely be deleted, but there is an app called YoNav! that I have been using on my Apple Watch (w/ GPS). It doesn’t have the race tracker like RaceQ’s but it has all the nav features you need and so far has worked seamlessly.


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