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      Does the time entered here have anything to do with race metrics/performance data or, is this simply a function to minimize the size of my data file?

    If for example my START is at 18:00, should I set the scheduled launch for 17:50 to capture my prestart maneuvers or set the scheduled launch for 18:00

    In the case of a pursuit race where my start is 18:01:23, and I set the scheduled launch for 18:00, what effect does this have? There is currently no way to set ‘seconds’ in the scheduled launch time, only hours and minutes.

    Help me understand the relationship between ‘scheduled launch’ time and the calculated time and distance recorded for the race.

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    Reschedule start (when the app start recording) has nothing to do with the actual start of the race. We suggest to start recording at least five min prior to the start so the pre-start maneuverings are recorded.   Also, there is no need to stop and re-start the app between the races, let it run.

    It is important that the app is recording during the actual race start when the boat crosses the line.  All the analytics in OD and PHRF race start from the point actual start time of the division – time and the boat crossing the line – distance.

    The pursuit race analytics time and distance starts from the point of the boat crossing the start line (not from the division start time). The start line is restricted in most pursuit races. If your boat crossed the start line prematurely, you will have incorrectly calculated first leg of the race.



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