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Hello Sergey and Alan,

I got the Vivoactive 3 (music model for better bluetooth) the other day, and tried it out on the race yesterday. Excellent start. Gave me interesting information for the whole race, though that was only 1:30 – short course yesterday. Well done! I’m looking forward to getting comfortable with the app.

I have a couple of questions/enhancement requests.

1. When I want to upload a set of marks I have to wait for GPS. But generally we prepare the sailing marks file inside and upload to the website inside. It’s a little strange to have to go outside to get GPS and load the marks there.

2. In many cases (Sequoia is an example) the Start/Finish lines (“RCB” and “PIN”) are known well beforehand, and published. Can we get some reserved mark names that will allow us to upload the “RCB” and “PIN” positions in the gpx file? While you’re at it, how about some names for the finish line when that’s in a different place (as Sequoia is doing this summer)?

3. Can you give us a sample gpx file for the case “Where the marks of the course and the courses are defined in the Notice Of Race (NoR) or Sailing Instructions (SI) .” as you say in the manual.

4. The other day I was talking to the RCB captain after the Wespoint Regatta. He told me several people nearly drove onto their back deck and scared the s**t out of the civilians on board for fun. I’m guessing they were using the app to set the start line :-). Can you add one step. Normally we will sail down (or up – from whichever side we approached) the start line. But because it’s either a fixed object, or full of guests who don’t take well to huge sailboats bearing down on them, we sail along the line with some offset like a half boat length. Two requests: Can you allow us to set the start line by pressing either of RCB or PIN first, and then telling the app the start line is X meters windward of the line I just entered. I’m sure RCB guests will be happier, and we’ll have fewer scratches on our hulls.


Andrew Cole (Drop Beer)