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Hi Alan,
Here we go again, with some good news.
Today is holyday in the country where I’m living, so we went to sail. 3 hours and 10 min aprox., using my VA as usual (and the iPhone Qs tracking as well, just to be sure). We are training for the Snipe State championship, so was a long and tricky training in medium to low wind.

The good news is that Vivoactive worked without the IQ! error for the whole time, like a sharm, and the session was quite long with a lot of tacks, as you can see in my Race Feed or in My Journal.

The ONLY difference between this training and all the previous, and maybe (I say maybe) this look like a possible walkaround, is that I’ve stopped the watch screen cycle on the speed screen after 4/5 minutes of sailing. And there it stay until the end er … Well beyond the end, because I’ve simply forget to turn rQs off and the VA recorded a good 60 minutes beyond the finish line.

I know, this can be due to a lucky day, but in the next weekend I gonna sail the Snipe as well as the Delta 34 and I’m very very curious to try again, stopping the screen auto scroll, and see what’s happen. Dunno nothing about Garmin OS or your gold piece of soft, but to me make sense. If auto scroll involve buffer (and I suspect yes) the out of memory error after a long period make sense as well.

Just my 5 cents … I will keep you informed, if you want.