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My reply was interrupted, sorry.

The training doc explains how you can stop the screen scrolling:


How to stop the dashboard screens scrolling?

This feature is provided to assist in the wet when the touch screen doesn’t work well, to provide you with access to all the screens without any touching.

It kicks in after detecting no user input for 2 minutes.

This feature can be disabled with a long press (touch and hold for 2 seconds) on any dashboard screen, and can be re-enabled with the same long press.

It is disabled for the 2 minutes after detecting a user input.

We initially went for a phone solution, but they’re mostly not waterproof, the screens are hard to read through salt-encrusted sunnies and and the downside of losing it overboard prompted us to go for a watch solution. (As a fellow wrinkly!) I sympathise with your comments about the screen size. It would be a huge task to retrofit the watch functionality to the iPhone and Android platform, so that’s unlikely.

And yes, we’re certainly looking to commercialise the app, once we can get it out there and demonstrate its features.