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Hello gsbooker

Thanks for your interest. I was able to get in touch with raceQs support team and they setup a testing account for this scenario. I placed 15 GPS Trackers directly to a small local regata and this trackers where sending the data to my local server. Then I export all the data recorded and manually upload it to RaceQs backend. The result was acceptable. The GPS Trackers where setup to send data every 5 seconds however they recommend us to setup the GPS trackers to send location every 2 seconds.


In that particular time the GPS trackers we where using did not have such feature however we do have a new version now that is capable of sending data almost in real time (2 secs or less) . In theory we could make this happen but will need to get in touch with RaceQs developing team again to see if they are interested.

Our inventory consist of 200 autonomous GPS Trackers (battery life from 7hrs to 48hrs) that we rent to events coordinators around USA & Caribbean. This way for a small fee event coordinators could have such technology for a affordable price. Feel free to take a look at http://www.sportswithgps.com