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There sure is.

The wind icon on any of the dashboard screens or the “Set Wind” button on Perfect Start opens a “compass rose” with the touch screen divided into eight segments with the current TWD displayed in the center and the currently selected TWD’s segment highlighted in the rose. Tap on a segment and it will set the TWD to that direction after a confirmation prompt. This will give you a TWD of onre of the 8 cardinal directions (N, NE, E,SE, S, SW, W, NW). Once set the app will detect when it’s upwind and will adjust the TWD after each tack depending on your stable course before and after the tack, and your tacking angle in the tack.

For a finer adjustment, long-tap the screen and the compass rose will rotate to orient its N to Magnetic north. Rotate the watch till it’s pointing into the wind (Ling axis into the wind) and tap the screen (anywhere) and it will set the TWD to the current orientation of the watch (which is displayed in the centre), again after a confirmation prompt.

Give it a go.