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Yes, we apologize for the confusion, but events have overtaken us and we haven’t had a chance to revise all of our information.

The raceQs smart watch app started life on the Pebble smart watch, then Pebble released the Time, Round and Pebble 2, and then in December 2016, went out of production.

In April 2017 we released the app on the Garmin Vivoactive HR and in July we also released it for the Garmin Quatix 5 and fenix 5.

As long as the Pebble app store remains in operation (entirely out of our hands), the app will continue to run on all Pebble watches except the Round. but it will have no further upgrades, or fixes. All of our development efforts are now directed to Garmin product line.

We operate entirely independently of Pebble and Garmin, so have to “bend with the wind”.

The app is still in Beta testing, meaning we continue to frequently update the code and that unfortunately results in the app often differing from the support documentation.

Again, apologies for the confusion, but sometimes life is just like that.