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I did figure something out.  I went outside and walked around with the watch and gps running.  It started in timer mode, and said “no gps.”  It then went to compass calibration, it then asked for wind, and I backed out.  It was now stuck.  You’ll notice that when it is in this state, there is no clock displayed in the timer (see video).

However, I started the timer at 5, reset it, and then opened the timer again.  Now the time is displayed, and I was able to change the timer.  I’m not sure if it was the fact that I backed out of the wind or if it was some other reason.


Total test steps:

  • Start RaceQs
  • Start Pebble App
  • App starts in Timer with “No GPS Data”
  • App asks to calibrate compass
  • App asks to face wind
  • Back out of face wind.
  • Timer is stuck.
  • Restart pebble app.
  • Face wind, select ok.
  • Timer still stuck.
  • Stop pebble app.  Stop Race Qs. Restart pebble. Start pebble.  Start RaceQs.  Start Pebble app.
  • Still stuck.
  • Start perfect start. Ask to Face Wind, Set Wind.
  • Timer still stuck.
  • Update Pebble app software on phone.
  • Start raceqs
  • Start pebble app.
  • Still stuck.
  • Start Timer.
  • Reset Timer.