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Hi Guys,

I have found a fix for this issue.

I have a Garmin VIRB and I joined all my files together and output the metrics to the video. I output in low res so that it would play nicely in 3D.

The problem is the Created/Encoded/Tagged Date – they all need to be modified to suit your race start time/GPS start time.

The only tool I have found to do this is ffmpeg which is a command line tool.


The script to modify the dates is this:

Change this date time to suit –  creation_time=”2016-02-24 05:49:17″

“C:\DIRECTORY OF WHERE YOU DOWNLOADED THE FFMPEG TO\ffmpeg.exe” -i “C:\DIRECTORY OF WHERE YOU PUT YOUR FILE\YOUR_FILE.mp4″ -c copy -map 0 -metadata creation_time=”2016-02-24 05:49:17″ “C:\DIRECTORY OF WHERE YOUR NEW FILE WILL BE\NEW_FILE.mp4″

NOTE my start was at 17:50 but the ffmpeg converted it to am!

I specified 05:49:17 and it converted it to pm! Must be a bug.

It worked in Firefox and I have video with all the Garmin GPS Metrics on screen in 3D.




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