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Thank you for updating me on the sampling rate. These numbers are absolutely sufficient enough for the dinghies.

The RaceQs is an excellent toll not only for publishing regattas but foremost it is a great tool when it comes to coaching the sailors and for the sailors themselves to analyse and draw conclusions on their own. A great number of the critical components in boat handling and regatta strategies/performance/ can be addressed and analysed with RaceQs even though it seems to be better optimised for larger crafts.

However in terms of analysing the tacks, RQ will still ad some value in calm wind and wave conditions but very little as the sea and wind increases. This due to RaceQs demand of being in the “grove” directly before or after a tack in order to get an analysis of the tack performance. I can only speak directly for Optimist and Europe Class dinghies, but I would guess that any smaller vessel (mono hulled, w dagger board) would suffer from the same effect. These boats are, as the wind picks up or in higher seas, either impossible to keep in the “grove” for more than a few seconds at a time or it might not even be desirable to keep the boat steady/ with a steady heading/ with constant heal/……..and so on. The result is that there will be not tacks registered and analysed.

It would be interesting to hear if you have any plans in terms of functionality to address these needs.

Never the less….. RaceQs is a grate tool.