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Christopher, “Touch” tab of the hint relates to touch screens, not touchpads. For web sites, touchpad is almost indistinguishable from mouse. Please refer to “Mouse” tab of the hint.

1. Pan

– Mouse: move while holding primary button pressed. This should just work. With any mouse. Although, some users report strange bug here, which we can’t reproduce. Any help (steps) is appreciated.

– Touchpad: move while holding primary button pressed (or if “tap to click” is enabled: down-up-down-move). For the app this is indistinguishable from mouse. Same bug could manifestate.

2. Zoom

– 3-button mouse: rotate the wheel or drag with right button.

– 2-button touchpad: drag with right button pressed.

– 1-button mouse: no luck. In addition to (+) and (-) on-screen buttons we need keyboard shortcuts.

– 1-button touchpad: no luck. While there are various zooming gestures, they are too diverse and can’t be reliably used in a web app (until somewhat standardized and supported by browsers).

3. Tilt/Rotate

– 3-button mouse: drag with middle button.

– 1-button mouse and touchpad: no luck. In addition to on-screen compass and tilt button we may need keyboard shortcuts. Currently, we use left/right arrows to step replay backward/forward and up/down arrows to increase/decrease replay speed (by analogy with YouTube player). We could use arrows+some modifier key (Shift, Alt, etc.) to tilt/rotate. Should we then use “plain” arrows to pan and find other keys for steps and speed?


Action items:

1. Learn to reproduce and fix the bug

2. Assign zoom in/out to [+] and [-] keys

3. Discuss other keyboard shortcuts


Christopher, can you confirm you have an issue panning with a mouse?

– is it persistent or intermittent?

– any previous steps?

– does the same happens on Cesium w/o raceQs?



Thank you.