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The sequence of events is simple: every single time I try to change the view of the race course on the map, the map seems to do a combination of zooming out and scrolling at such a high rate of speed that one can’t see what’s happening.  After a few seconds, the map eventually zooms out to the full Earth view and the trackpad no longer accepts commands.  At that point the only way to see my race again is to click on one of the race view options and it automatically zooms back in.

This happens whether I use two fingers on the trackpad or three and happens regardless of whether I “click” on the trackpad while doing the gesture or simply rest my fingers on the trackpad.

This bug in effect has reduced the operability of the interface for me to near zero.  Unusable if I can’t scroll around.

I’ve created a video of me reproducing the problem. It is available at:  http://youtu.be/OEW6wlvWliU