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Me too.

I coach sailing during the summer and I like to give a video debrief when possible.  Right now I have to edit my footage and present it the next day.  If I was able to dump the unedited video to the race q’s folder then I hope I would be able to use the track to find the portions of video that I need to talk about and also use the numbers the app gives me.  If I have to edit the footage into one clip before I can use it all I loose that advantage.

Race Q’s should be a great learning tool for analyzing the performance of my fleet.  In order to do that I need to be able to have the app set up and ready by the time my sailors have derigged and are ready for the debrief.  Droping multiple clips into the folder would help with that, but so would being able to ping the marks and the start and finish lines out on the water.