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Hi Erik,
All of the 3D replays are based in Google Earth, so they don’t work on tablets or phones yet. The starting line and course are all set in the 3D replay, after the race. So, you need to be on a computer. You set it by clicking on the “setup” tab, on bottom of the control panel on the right hand side in the replay.

I wonder if you are looking for a feature that was in our original app “perfect start”. That feature let you set the pin and the boat, and gave you a count down to the starting line. We removed this feature in the basic app for various reasons, mostly because it broke the racing rules for some fleets, and many people were not allowed to use the app. We plan to re-release this as a plug-in at a later date for those people that like it. The current app is primarily designed to make it very easy to record your race and create a 3D replay for post race evaluation. I hope this helps!


Julia Berg, Marketing Communications, raceQs