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Optional Accessories

iPhone plus Battery plus Headset
The raceQs phone app doesn't need any additional equipment to become a powerful sailing tool and race computer. However, we have discovered some very useful gadgets while testing the app ourselves. Please note that we are not selling this stuff, nor do we have any agreements with these companies. We have simply found that their product goes well with ours.


External battery

Your phone battery will be discharged in 8 hours, or less when you are running the GPS and Bluetooth For longer races, you don't want a dead phone when it's time to call home! To extend your phone battery, you can either plug into AC Power (if available), or try one of these nifty phone covers with a built-in battery pack. A dedicated sailing phone cover with sticky-back Velcro makes it easy to attach your phone to the boat for safety, and get more functions from your app.


Bluetooth Headset

Any Bluetooth enabled headset will do, but we recommend this one for it's incredible battery life of over twenty-four hours. The device mounts around your neck, designed to keep the device on you, instead of in the water. We also have been impressed by the sound quality.


Protective Cover

When sailing on a small or wet boat it is always good idea to protect your phone in the event of a wayward splash, or a knockdown. There are a virtually unlimited number of covers are on the market that will do the job, but we liked this one since has a strap so you can attach your phone to your wrist.


Wrist band

Race like an America’s cup sailor with a wrist mounted navigation device. If you prefer to see the video information over hearing the voice cues than this is the accessory for you!


Rail Mount

If you drive from behind the wheel and your boat is equipped with a rail mounted pedestal, you can use this gadget and the raceQs app to turn your phone into a mounted chart plotter and race computer.