WHAT IS raceQs?

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The free raceQs sailing system is made up of three state-of-the-art integrated components. The phone app gives you the sailing data you need to improve your performance while logging your GPS track. The app renders a shareable 3D animated replay of your journey. Login to the raceQs sailing social network to replay your race while it's still fresh, and share your experience with your friends. The system is designed for sailors of of all levels, both racers and cruisers. All you need is a smart phone, the free raceQs app, and a free account on raceQs.com.

PHONE APP Sailing Network 3D Race Replay Animation
  • Speed, course and wind shift
  • Helm Handling Tips
  • Get a “Perfect Start”
  • Hands-free operation
  • GPS Tracker/Logger
  • Sailing Scheduler
  • Virtual race logs
  • Follow your friends
  • Facebook integration
  • Find a ride/crew(beta)
  • Share your replay
  • See multiple boats
  • Allows live streaming
  • Shows actual boat movements
  • Add GeoComments

Smart Phone race computer

RaceQs is a free phone app that takes advantage of your phone's built-in technology to help you get ahead of your competition. One of the most exciting features of this free app is raceQs cutting edge “Perfect Start” mode. After capturing the starting line position, raceQs calculates the favored end. It estimates if you are on time for your start, providing time and distance to the line.

And that's just the beginning. After your "Perfect Start", the app automatically converts into “Race” mode, announcing speed, course, and drift. The friendly race pro that now lives in your smart phone is also programmed to watch for wind shifts and boat handling glitches such as severe heel angle and an unsteady course. Your course is also charted on the built-in map, showing your speed as a color coded GPS track.

In optional hands-free mode, the app announces audio cues into your Bluetooth enabled headset. With your hands on the sheets and your eyes on the race course, you'll hear all the information you need, while your phone stays safely stowed down below. The app provides crucial information about your boat's speed, course, position and boat handling.

Watch your race against others

Get your sailing “fix” from the comfort of your own home with raceQs innovative race replay animations. Relive your adventures virtually as you evaluate the competition, your tactical decisions. Watch details of your race like crossing the starting line, mark rounding, tacking and more. You can view your race online as often as you wish, learning more about your performance every time.

Choose to experience your race from any angle. The birds-eye view shows of all the competitors for easy post-race analysis. You can see the GPS tracks of all the registered boats, making details like headers, lifts and mark laylines easy to spot across the fleet.

With 3D analysis you can tweak your performance at a professional level, giving you an edge against your competition. As Buddy Melges said, “To win races, you need to keep the horizon level.” In 3D replay, your 3D sailboat avatar mirrors your boats' actual heel, pitch and yaw, clearly showing if you are keeping your boat flat, and fast.

Get started reliving your adventures by uploading a GPS track to RaceQs.com, or by downloading our free phone app.

Share your next sailing adventure with your friends

The raceQs.com sailing social network lets you create an animated GPS logbook, manage your sailing schedule and follow your sailing friends’ adventures. The unique website uses GPS tracks to create an animated 3D replay of your sailing trips. These animated trip logs are a valuable reference, giving you the opportunity to learn from your fleet.

The RaceQs.com social network is a virtual worldwide clubhouse where sailing friends can experience each other’s journeys, evaluate each other’s racing tactics and share in the excitement. It's an animated GPS track, with a story. You can also use raceQs.com to schedule sailing events, search for a new ride, or the perfect crew.

Of course, you have full privacy control over all of your information. However, in this technological age, a verified GPS log is an important record of your sailing experience. If you choose not to share your logbook, you can still save your GPS tracks, creating a verified sailing resume on your computer. RaceQs free phone app automatically adds animated replays to your virtual logbook, or you can manually upload any saved GPS tracks.

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