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Re: wind direction,  the grove and “other data.”  other data would be CRS SPEED and derivatives like VMG.  If you need to wait for GPS to be acquired, then CRS and SPD to settle in and VMG and Port/STARBOARD Tack to be detived you might be waiting a bit, espically in shifty conditions right at the start.   If all this could be heated up a bit with some pre-start sailing history that data that data might be used as the first reference points.  You probably have a much better idea on if something like that would actually work.   You mention startboard tack is assumed.  I’d have to think more about that.   If you go out on port, that’s another one of these critical times when you wouldn’t want the algo’s to be confused and you might be watching for data to confirm your decision.

It sounds like the new update will help a lot on pre-setting the mark/full course and not have to interrupted with that task after the start.  Looking forward to seeing that.

I have a Saumsung S7 Active and it holds up pretty good to harsh conditions, but I understand the concerns about phones on boats.   I’m thinking this would be another app for the watch and extension for the app on the phone, not a replacement for keeping the functions independent on phone and watch,  Maybe too much work for the number of people that would be interested in it,  but maybe something to survey current users on.