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You mention “… mark set, and wind direction info, and any other data..” to be remembered from the previous run.

Wind direction is generated in your first “groove” after QsRace starts and assumes you’re on a starboard tack, so I think that’s already covered.

Mark set – see below.

What else would be in “any other data”?

Re putting the “heavy lifting” on the phone: One of our fundamental design objectives has been for the app run quite independently of the phone – they don’t like wet weather and smaller boat users don’t take their phone with them when sailing.

Re mark set: I think you’ll enjoy my next development: “Courses”, where:

  • You build your club’s courses in a separate web app at home.
  • QsStart automatically download them to the watch when it  fires up.
  • You select the particular course in the pre-start when the RC announces it (at 5 minutes).
  • When QsRace starts after the gun, it passes the course to QsRace which then automatically navigates you to the first mark, and then to the next mark as you pass them.

It’s in test at the moment.