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If there was a way to use the mark set, and wind direction info, and any other data from the previous Race App session that might  be a helpful workaround.

The I could:

1)  set up the race app with the first mark I want to sail to,  and get other data set up in the pre-start period.

2)  exit out out of the Race App.

3) Start up the Start App

4) Proceed using the Start App though the start sequence, start the race and then put up the confirm dialog

5) press the confirm and see the Race App assume all my last session data settings.


The other part of the workaround would be to have some easy tools to combine the start track with the race track data, but I’d only expect to use those tools less frequently.   I mostly use my phone to record the full start and race track.  The watch is mostly the back up.


One other thought to conserve memory on the watch would be to think about a watch app that is more tightly integrated with the phone.   Do all the heavy lifting navigation and boat speed calculations on the phone and use the watch mostly as a display device.  Mostly my phone is running RaceQs but it’s  tucked away in a safe and dry place.  Having all the data that you show on the watch is great if I’m bouncing around doing tactical in the cockpit and on deck, or getting soaked on the rail ;-)