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I’m getting a bit of push back about the split of the app which surprises me, but is nevertheless a problem.

I know it’s not seamless, but after all, it’s only a single user interaction after the clock counts down and a brief delay while the GPS acquires a signal.


Once the race has started,

the app displays a prompt.

The user then has to

confirm the switch, on a

touch screen, by tapping

the Confirm message of a

5-button watch, by pressing

the SELECT button.

Then there’s a brief delay

while the watch acquires a

GPS signal.

 As soon as the signal is acquired, it automatically displays the dashboard screen

Unfortunately the Garmin system prevents me from bypassing the confirmation prompt (security gone mad?) and there’s just not enough memory on the watch to combine the starting and racing components in a single app. So what am I do do?

Any suggestions would be most welcome.