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Sorry I haven’t posted the log yet, busy with work and racing.

Because of this, i haven’t been uploading the GPS readings from the speedpuck to raceQs, and rather uploading the tracks from the watch.

I noticed that it only seems to recod positions every 8 seconds. This isn’t ideal as it only gives a very rough view of how I am racing.

Is it possible to have this as a user setting, so we can change depending on the sort of racing we are doing?

One thing I did do over the past two days was restart the app between two shorter races. Unfortunately, it still seems to switch off by its own.

Lastly, because I race a somewhat wet boat, I am having issues with changing screens when the watches screen is wet. it makes it challenging to settingthings while sailing something as unstable as an 18 footer!

Would it be possible for the app to use buttons more than screentouches? Things like adjusting timer with one long press of one of the buttons, or even changing screens with the buttons.

See an example of the race here