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Pieter, I have just discovered the bug that is causing the settings page to fail. Stand by for a fix in ver 1.65. Just as soon as I can complete the validation. It crashes if you go to settings without any pinged or W/L marks.

I’ll have to check the 60 second Header/Lift reference in the user guide.

Can you walk me through your problem with closing the timer please?

Jim, thanks for your post. I note your point about the app turning off (sounds better than crashing!) Food for thought and more testing.

Headers and lifts – we have worked hard on getting them right. Did you record your race in raceQs? We could take a look at your track.

Happy to add more info to confirm the line ends have been pinged. We added recording the time to that end.  What would you suggest. You’ll get Line not set if you haven’t yet set the wind. Maybe that was the issue?