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Hi –

I tried to use the pebble app in a long distance race this last weekend – 24 miles and it took about 5 hours.  The problem I saw as the the app kept turning off and the watch would just go back to showing the time.  I had to restart the app probably 10 or 15 times.  This didn’t happen in a previous short race of an hour or two.

One other issue I saw was the it seemed to report big headers and lifts when there were no obvious wind shifts.  I think it may have been just bad driving though…not sure.

One suggestion would be to make it very obvious when each end of the start line is pinged.  Currently it just shows the time each ping happened.  Also, after pinging both ends the display still says something like “line not set” even though it is and it works ok to show distance to the line during the start.

The app show a lot of promise and I look forward to new releases.

iPhone iOS 9.3.2

Jim Heumann, Port Townsend, WA, USA