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thanks for adressing the points.


Major issue is that I Cannot enter the settings menu of raceQs on my phone, as you can see in the attached picture.


I had no problems so far that cues were interfering. I have no time the check my tack analysis after a tack, maybe when I’m training. Prioritizing tack analysis has no added value for me personaly

About the header/lift interval of 60 seconds. I’ve read that in the User Guide.

I will try my other wrist. My right wrist is free during starting, so that is fine.

Adjusting the polar screen will be a huge added value for me.

About closing timer.. My pebble auto updates app’s. I reinstalled the app, but the problem persists.


About OCS within 20 seconds.. It’ oke for me. I know there are regattas where you can dip the line.. The setting is ok like this.