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Lots to talk about. Let me try to address each point.

Tack analysis requires that you are “racing”(the timer has run down to zero) and acquired a steady course after tacking  I have noticed that sometimes the tack analysis cue doesn’t appear because the header/lift cue is generated at the same time and overrides the tack analysis. I’ll look into prioritizing the tack analysis over the header/lift cue.

There is no “header/lift interval”. it reports every time it detects a header/lift of 5 degrees or more. Are you seeing more header/lift cues than you expect?

Glove pressing buttons. Hmmm, that’s a difficult one! Maybe use the other wrist?

Problem loading the Settings screen. I see from the screenshot that you had WiFi, so I assume you had internet access, which is required, so don’t know what the issue might be. Does the issue persist?

The polars screen speed scale. It is fixed at the moment at 8 knots, but we are considering ways of adjusting the scale to the actual speed. Maybe that needs to move up the priority list.

App closing on timer reset. There was a bug that caused that which should be fixed in v 1.64, released last Saturday. Please advise if it persists.

The OCS alert will only appear if you are OCS in the last 20 seconds, and then, it will only display once per start. We don’t reset the OCS identification if you get behind the line again before the start. Maybe we should?

Thanks for the reports, we really appreciate the feedback.