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Hi Alan,

Nice to see see the hard work and continuous updates, I’m already looking forward to the next version. A page showing the TWD’s would be very nice to analyze the race afterwards and spot over-the-day wind changes.

I found this version pretty stable! What is the best way for us, as sailors, to spot bugs? I haven’t seen any yet. Maybe a log will help, than I will place it next to my raceQs recordings.

Regarding current, I know that a GPS takes current into account. But if the TWD is caculated based on COG without taking current into account, the TWD isn’t true. Changes in current, changes the TWD. As developer and amateur algorithm maker, I know that correcting for current is a nearly impossible task without knowing the magnetic course.

My next regatta is 28&29 may on a lake, than I will post my updates again. Would you like me to put some special attention to specific things?