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I still see it displaying only VMG (to the wind) on any leg.


Not all races are perfectly upwind/downwind. Lots of little local traditional regattas have set (random leg) courses that are run every year regardless of wind direction. It is preferable to actually have both measurements (VMC & VMG) available on the legs of these courses, particularly in light wind. In this case, velocity to the wind (VMG) tells you how well you’re pointing relative to the wind, and VMC (course) tells you whether or not you missed a wind-shift. IMHO, both calculations (or something meaningful and similar) should be available in all points of sail. Obviously this may create confusion w.r.t. any downwind run since VMG (wind) is negative. Personally I don’t have an issue with that, and while I haven’t thought about it I would guess there would be an easy way to calculate out a particular boats polar performance (and show performance relative to that) with enough successive tracks in the database.


But definitely, Velocity to the MARK and relative to the WIND are both important, imho important on all points of sail.