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Aha  – the Firebreath VCL player needed to be enabled in the browser, although the test link you gave didn’t work. It should be  : http://rsatom.github.io/fbvlc/

And the Firebreathed browser plugin needs to be set to always activate in Firefox.

I think you should add this info and link to the FAQ and Help because it would save many issues – or people just giving up on getting it working.

Unfortunately, I still can’t get my videos to play, despite the above. I don’t see a Video tab on the Replay page.

I think the issue may lie with the time stamps of the files – below are the files from the RaceQs taskbar app:

time	                duration     url
 1980-12-03 22:57:50	1706	     D:\Users\Paul\Videos\RaceQs\SPTM0001.MP4
 1980-12-03 23:26:17	1708	     D:\Users\Paul\Videos\RaceQs\SPTM0002.MP4
 1980-12-03 23:54:46	1704	     D:\Users\Paul\Videos\RaceQs\SPTM0003.MP4
 1980-12-04 00:23:09	751	     D:\Users\Paul\Videos\RaceQs\SPTM0004.MP4

This is the metadata for one of them which I could only access with the Media Tab software following the instructions here.

Encoded date                : UTC 1980-12-03 22:57:50
Tagged date                 : UTC 1980-12-03 22:57:50
Created date (UTC)          : UTC 2014-12-13 01:34:54.100
Created date                : 2014-12-13 12:34:54.100
Modified date (UTC)         : UTC 2014-12-13 02:03:20.000
Modified date               : 2014-12-13 13:03:20.000

The Encoded date seems to be the one used by RaceQs but the Created Date is the actual time set in the camera. Can you confirm which date RaceQs is using so I can modify it accordingly.