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From technical point of view “raceQs GeoVids plugin” itself is not a plugin. It installs FBVLC plugin to allow for replay of various video formats. And communicates the list of your videos to the replay page. That’s it.


Here are things to check:

1. You have FBVLC browser plugin installed and it is not blocked by your browser. Check this test page. It needs to be set to “Play automatically” for raceqs.com as “Click to Play” may not work in some cases.

2. You have “raceQs GeoVids” running and see it in your tray.

3. When you click it, it opens a folder and you can see your videos there.

4. When you right-click “raceQs GeoVids” in the tray and select “Folders”, you can see the correct number of video files.

5. On the “Video” tab on replay page you can see the list of your video files with the correct date and time.


Let us know if you were able to resolve the issue or were you’re stuck.