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Some details.

Currently, wind can be adjusted on per-leg basis:

– Go to “Setup” tab in the right panel

– Click any mark name in “Race Course” to open “Leg Details” dialog

– Adjust Wind Direction

This will NOT set the wind for the whole leg. Rather, it will add “wind fact” to the END of the leg (when a boat reaches corresponding mark). Start = “leg zero”. Other “wind facts” are produced by tacks. And than the system interpolates wind between all those.

We think this should cover most situations. Please, let us know of any case where it doesn’t work and we’ll think if can do better. Possibly, we need an UI to add wind facts anywhere. We just do not want to complicate things unless absolutely necessary.

P.S. As Andy pointed out, if one needs more granular control she can create a bogus intermediate leg just to adjust the wind. Not too elegant though. Again, how often does this happen?