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    Does anyone have experience with Garmin Vivoactive HR? I have installed the app on the watch, I am following the steps in the user guide, but after acquiring GPS signal at the timer screen, there is no swipe down available on the watch, as indicated in the guide!?! How to go further?

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    Hi Andrew,

    1. Yes, sorry, but the whole app relies on receiving regular responses from the GPS. I find that it’ll come to life when I’m inside as long as I’m fairly close to a window.

    2. That’s something for us to think about, but not currently in the melting pot.

    3. We’ve addressed this in the training Guide at


      with an example of the syntax and a link to a sample file.

    4. Again, an interesting question, but not currently in the plan.Personally, I would protest the RC if I wasn’t able to sail the length of the start line without risking life or limb! 

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