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Relive your sailing adventures with raceQs' free, 3D, animated race replays. Record one boat or an entire fleet and watch the replay to evaluate your performance in 3D. You don't need any special equipment to get started, just a GPS or a smart phone. Give it a test drive today and change the way you race.

see it in action

This quick and dirty intro highlights our favorite features of the raceQs 3D replay. Monitor the fleet rankings, review race data and relive the race experience.


test drive

Test drive a 3D replay of the 2013 Melges 24 World Championship regatta. Highlight head-to-head matchups and analyze the performance of any two sailboats in the fleet.


It's easy

Create your own 3D replays by recording a race with raceQs’ free smartphone app.

Download It

Download It

Download the free raceQs app onto your Android or iPhone.

Go Sailing

Go Sailing

Push one button and raceQs will record everything you need.

Share It

Upload It

Broadcast your track LIVE or upload it via wi-fi after the race.

Watch It

Watch It

Login on your computer to to view, edit and share your 3D race replay.

Phone step-by-step

Or, you can upload a GPS track directly to the website and manually create a 3D replay

Download It

Save it

Extract and save the GPS file from your race onto your computer.

Go Sailing

log in

Create a free account on

Share It

upload it

On your “journal page”, click the button for “track upload”

Watch It

Watch It

View, edit and share your 3D race replay!

what the people say

  • RaceQ is an amazing app for our Junior Sailors in the Optimist fleet. During practice, the junior sailors record their races using RaceQs. After uploading, we connect a computer to the TV and watch their races together. RaceQ makes it easy to show the sailors what they did right, and where they can improve. RaceQ is a big help! Thank you very much for this wonderful app.

    Markus Heitkoetter

  • "The RaceQs software is a fantastic coaching tool. Quick and simple to setup, the software gives sailors great insight into the decisions made out on the water. Team debriefs are specific and concise with the sailors genuinely engaged as we replay the key moments of the days sailing. The support provided by the RaceQs team is ideal, quick and helpful in their responses, they make using the software easy and hassle free."

    Phil Devereux, Professional Coach, sailor and skipper.

  • "After using many "tracking" apps raceQs has come out on top. Its great on the water, but it really comes into its own when you get ashore and watch the replay. Especially if your nearest competitor has got it on too! You can clearly see who's tactics worked and who is sailing the better race. Still loads of features to test out like video syncing with the 3d replay and full calibration of my device to show heel and pitch. But so far its by far the best and easiest to use. "

    Matt Read

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a replay of my whole fleet?

Are there any tutorials for the advanced features?

I am a yacht club representative. Do you have any special info for me?

All the boats in your fleet who were running raceQs will automatically be added to your replay, allowing you to compare your performances.

After you login, you will have access to our tutorials pages.

Our yacht club packet is available by emailing


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