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    Hello RaceQs community

    I have been following raceqs for a while now and the features and 3D replay seems outstanding! However I will like to know if is possible to upload GPS information directly to the server using GPS Trackers. We have around 200 GPS Trackers that we currently use for sports tracking like MTB , Paddle Boarding, RoadBike etc . This trackers have a GSM Modem that could push the location to a server.  In theory we could install all the GPS trackers record the event and then upload each GPS Track file to replay what happened however it will be amazing if this data could be push directly to the server to have a Phone App experience but without the use of smartphones.

    What you think? Could this be done?

    Best Regards!

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    Yes, theoretically this should work. In practice we’ll need to:

    1. find out how to configure these trackers to send data to raceQs server

    2. find out what format they use

    3. make raceQs understand this format

    4. come up with a way to map a tracker to a boat

    To start with, please send us manuals for these trackers. Or at least their full model name.


    We are interested in such a device. Previously, we have searched the market but haven’t found any good. Maybe it’s time to revisit.

    Thank you


    Hello RaceQs

    Glad to hear from you. I do have all this information and much more. I’m sure I could provide you the protocol information of our model and I could also provide you protocols for around 50 trackers in the future. This means RaceQs could eventually provide support for a variety of GPS trackers on the market.

    Could you please tell me what email address should I send the information?

    Best Regards,


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