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    Subject Line says it all…website seems to be hung up and refuses to display previous races on my journal page, and will not upload my latest race.  This is via Firefox on Windows-7.

    On my Android phone, tapping the UPLOAD button does nothing.  The E-MAIL button worked fine, but as mentioned above, I couldn’t upload from my PC either.

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    I have exactly the same problem. Could send an email with the data. Can see that there is data in the file. Then when I try to Upload it says connecting but times out.


    Yep ..Had this issue since a week or so and thought it was something I had done wrong


    Bit more info.. while the track does not upload the “My Boats” data does . ie if I have a track with a different boat name than what is already in the “My Boats” tab it will update the list but no track is displayed


    I got a short message back on facebook chat question of if there was an issue and had a reply that they were on it and it would be sorted soon.

    No word since then …. so I’ve just asked for updates to be posted here on the forum


    I really hope it gets sorted soon as we have a big regatta coming up (Australian multihull nationals at Wangi) and I wanted to encourage as many entrants as possible to use the app.


    Fingers crossed


    I have been pushing RaceQS to my yacht club The Royal Temple Yacht Club in the UK and they where starting to come around our final race of the year last week big crew lunch after the race plan was to show the race on the big screens.

    Nothing works cant upload the tracks finally today l am able to upload the tracks and run the track but it just errors.

    Ok we all have issues occasionally the way it is handled is the sign of a professional company l have emailed the site I have tried Facebook the message was read but no response What is going on ??????<b></b><i></i>


    I agree, the lack of updates and general difficulty to get in contact usually means that there are serious issues with the company. I really hope that this is not the case as the couple of times I tried it I have been genuinely impressed and was also getting support to use it in our upcoming national regatta.


    To be perfectly honest I was very surprised when I got a facebook chat reply and I kind of suspect it may be a bot but again hope not





    OK I just posted this and then checked my Facebook chat… got a reply to my last message….


    <span style=”color: #4b4f56; font-family: Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 12px; white-space: pre-wrap; background-color: #f1f0f0;”>we have an issue with the server provided. Working to move to another one.</span>


    So they are still alive and I am acting as their PR officer :p BTW I have zero affiliation with RaceQs so I’m not acting as a sock puppet in case anyone is thinking that.


    Maybe its a case of everyone starting to discover this app and they got swamped by the volume. Fingers crossed its resolved in the next week or so.

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