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    Yet another problem with he Mac version: Saturday’s race indicates a duration of two hours, seven minutes and forty-five seconds. It also has the start time correctly indicated. Only problem is that the distance travelled is indicated at 0.0 nautical miles – what a pity that I was sitting there bobbing up and down on the lake for a couple of hours and stayed still yet I could swear I sailed the whole race and, in fact, won and wanted to look back at my performance. So the app won’t load as it says the distance was too short and it hasn’t uploaded with live streaming or when I have tried to upload it manually – possibly because of the same reason.

    Yet again another few bugs with this Mac version. What a pity! When of when are you guys coming out with a newer Mac version (you said shortly a few months ago)?

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    Friend of mine had same issue, but on iPhone.

    We found she didn’t have GPS turned on for her phone.  Once active,  it worked like a charm.

    For iPhone users; select Settings, Privacy, Location Services, Location Services On


    I have the same issue on iPad.

    I’m certain that location service is ON. Current location is shown in the app’s map, e.g. while presetting start in harbour.

    The app is also granted permission to location service.


    I have the same problem. I wonder if i have to write a port number i settings, but where do i find that number?


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